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January – A Year in Review

When you mention New Year's Day - January 1st, my thoughts immediately go to let's make "The List”. The list of things I am going to change going into a New Year. I am energized and ready to go! Can’t wait to “fix” things. Big changes are to come. It sounds good. Is sounds GREAT. And somehow it does not take root. It doesn’t connect or resonate. Partly – and all of this is from strictly my personal perspective –because I go into a new year without looking at the year that has gone by. I have to take time and space to acknowledge all the things that have happened to me. I leap forward and forget about how I arrived at this spot at this moment.

So, this year I’ve started it a bit differently. 2017 – The Angela Review. Most people I know would say that it wasn’t an easy year. I would agree. I would also say that amid the pain, sadness, sense of lack and loss there have been some sweet and beautiful moments. I choose to reflect on those. For in those moments where I didn’t "think" I could – I know (from my heart) I did. I did better financially in ways that are completely different than how I thought things would be.

2017 didn’t start the way I wanted it too. Let’s simply say – I didn’t bring in a huge sum of money. Ok, I barely met all my financial obligations. And from that I acknowledged that I no longer am going to live from a place of lack. Here’s the part I found cool. I knew from my heart, not my head, that I have the unique ability to make money; the ability to manifest opportunities that will create money. I began talking to people about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I figured there are people who needed the resources that I provided. Shortly after that, the opportunities started to present themselves and I said yes to all of them. The simple statement, “I am open to new opportunities” allowed the opportunities to show up.

Spring brings new life and new projects. With the new projects came the money I was looking for. During this time, things moved quickly. As I write this now, I am almost certain the following happened… I did not express my gratitude for the new and returning clients, the teams that did the work, and the ability to meet all the financial obligations. I am learning to show gratitude for all things always. For me, when I don’t, it shows. When I simply didn’t say “thank you” and show gratitude, the gift (the money) stopped showing up because I did not respect it.

Life moved through this ebb and flow for the balance of the year. My lessons are many. Over the summer, I co-created a new product that helps others learn to identify and change their relationship with money. The first person this helped was me. In co-creating this product, I began looking at money differently and what my money says about me. I began to look at money with a discerning eye, not a judgmental one.

I pulled my credit report. I looked at every line. I made some calls and I consciously followed the plan I put into place a year ago. Being mindful of what is happening with every dollar is an eye-opening experience. I reset my bank accounts by asking important questions to myself. What is the account for? How should it be used? Where does my cash go? I have a credit card with a small limit that I can properly manage and am clear on what it is to be used for. My coin jar is sitting on a shelf. A heavy purse usually has a few dollars of coins in it I have come to find out. A day in the mountains reconnected me with friends - old and new. With the friendships came the gift of a new view of myself in words and pictures.

I am proud of what I have listed above. I stayed focus on the task at hand sometimes without realizing that I was making progress.

Now, it’s a New Year. I am simply going to continue to move forward with the list of accomplishments from last year. I understand the value of the Review. Are you ready to review?

Review your bank statements. Do you know what all the charges represent? All the reoccurring $9.99 monthly charges? Does the bank ask for minimum monthly amounts? Do you have them or do you enjoy paying the bank a fee for not having enough money in the account?

Review your utility, car / home owner’s insurance and cell phone bills. Do you know what all the line items are? Are there ways for you to reduce the premiums?

All part of the Review: Review, Reflect, Refine. Take the time to see what is being spent and how. Take the time to reflect on the money that seems to leave your account, wallet and pocket noticing where it went or what is was for. Are you comfortable with that? Refine the way you use your money. Money is meant to empower.

There is work for us all to do. Let’s do it together.

Mindfully yours!


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