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A Love Letter

Words have energy. How we speak about something is how is will manifest itself.

Someone once told me that the Universe's answer to any question is YES. Simply YES.

Mindset - I never have any money.

Answer - Yes - you never have any money.

Mindset - I will never get ahead.

Answer - Yes - you will never get ahead.

Let's consider changing how the way we speak about money. By changing the words used around money we truly open ourselves up to a new relationship around money. My Love Letter to Money...

Hey Beautiful,

It's been a while since I took the time to let you know how important you are to me and that you are never far from my thoughts. Yes, I will admit that there have been many times where I took you for granted, show complete and utter disrespect for you. I have mistreated you. Somehow knowing that no matter how poorly I treat you - I expect you to always be around. I admit to the times where I had total disregard in what I was suppose to do with you. Instead, I did what I wanted to do and still expected you to be there to take care of everything. Yes, there were times where I did things to get and keep you that looking back were wrong. My actions lead me to be angry at you and not look at my own actions until much later. My dependency on you due to a true lack of understanding and knowledge lead me to that place.

So, let me now say - I am sorry. I am sorry for treating you poorly. I'm sorry for not taking care of you and investing in you as I know I should have. In asking for this forgiveness from you, I am forgiving myself. It's time for us to forward in partnership and in love. I know in my heart that this is going to be a life long commitment and I believe we can do glorious things together.

Standing in this moment, I see the possibilities and they are endless. And, please know that as I write this, it's from a knowing of the heart and soul not of the ego mind. I am imperfectly perfect and will make mistakes. I see your beauty and your power. With you by my side, I am able to live in a warm and safe home with a stove for cooking delicious meals and a comfortable bed to lay my head to rest. You give me a voice. You give me freedom to purchase and support those people, places and things that I feel are important. With you, I am a citizen of the World. You are there for me when I need to recharge from the every day magic and find a new place that my soul longs to see - whether in person, on a movie screen or in a book. I don't discount the every day magic you bring to me. In the simple task of paying bills, I am given light, shelter, hot water and heat. With those gifts, I am able to create new opportunities for myself. These opportunities allow me send my gifts out to others who find value in them and understand their worth.

Thank you for all the things you do for me to keep me safe, healthy and able move freely through this experience. I am humbled that I have a partner who will assist me as I work with intention to create this beautiful life.

Lovingly and Mindfully,


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